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Term Life Insurance-Simplified Issue

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What is simplified issue term life insurance?

Simplified issue life insurance provides life insurance coverage issued quickly. Based on your answers to 2 pages of health questions to determine your health status. There are simplified issue policies that offer whole life or term life insurance

What is no medical guaranteed acceptance life Insurance?

No medical life insurance is a type of whole life or term life insurance you can get without any nurse visit, medical file and doctors report needed. Everyone is guaranteed approval guarantee as existing health conditions are excluded. Good for policies in the $5,000 to $25,000 range

Couple just bought simplified issue life insurance

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

  • no occupation questions

  • can be out of the country for 3 months

  • no financials needed

  • thrill seekers and dangerous activities are covered

  • no delays due to waiting for doctors reports (physicians statements)

  • covered students study in Canada (work visa required)

  • insure marihuana smokers up to 6 x per week

  • true no medical experience for term life and critical illness

  • no fluid samples required

  • no needles

  • no medical exam

  • policies issued quickly

  • cutting edge tools for speedy policy issue

Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

  • up to $50,000

  • 2 year deferral

  • issue ages 18 to 80

Deferred Elite Life

  • up to $350,000

  • no medical

  • ages 18 to 80

  • 1 year deferral

  • full payout for accidental deaths

Simplified Elite

  • up to $500,000

  • no deferral

Express Elite

  • up to $750,000

  • T20 and T30

  • no medical cover

  • best for healthy younger folks 20 to 40 years old

  • credit cards accepted for annual premium payments

ADD Critical Illness

  • no medical required

  • term to age 75

  • cardiac protects 5 CI

  • cancers 3

  • both all 8 to age 75=term 75

  • up to $100,000

  • up to 2 events of $50,000 each

  • no pre existing conditions clauses

  • no 24/24 clauses

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