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Understand why life insurance is important. Term or Whole Life anyone?

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Easy Retirement Calculator 

Calculate the amount  you need to retire at 60 OR 65

Try this Canadian Government Retirement Calculator

Try our Agile quickie Retirement Calculator; your needs are based on expenses, debts and lifestyle. 

A basic retirement is covering your expenses only with a little for lifestyle

One of these 3 ways to calculate your income needs will work for you:

1. Add your expenses then multiply by 2 to calculate your net income that you will need?

2. Add your debts, expenses then multiply by 3 to calculate your net income that you will need?

3. Add your debts, expenses, lifestyle then multiply by 4 to calculate your net income you may need or want?

4. Add the tax you need to pay to the net income to calculate your gross income - that's what you  need

5. Multiply that gross income amount by 7 to 12 then you'll have the capital $ amount you need top sustain withdrawals at 4%

Calculate your resources such as capital, investments, pensions and other income sources

Plan to take  4% income to protect your capital If you need $40,000 of gross income you will need at least $1,000,000 growing at 4% to 6% each and every year.

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