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Save 30% off your Employee Health Benefits Plan

Healthy employees are happy employees


How to save 30% off your Health Insurance plan?

Overt the last few years employer health spending monthly premiums have escalated out of control. We can help you set up a fixed monthly budget where each employee decides where, when and how much to spend on their own families health. Called an HSA or Health Spending Account also allows each employer or small business to set their own budgets to enable ultimate cost controls

As an employer you can set a budget of $200 to $300 per month per employee. Save 30% to 50% off your current health insurance premiums. We've seen cases where monthly premiums increased from $250 per month per employee to $600 per monthly providing the same

Small businesses with 2 or more employees also qualify for an HSA under the current CRA rules

With a health spending account, you don’t need to reach a spending threshold equal to 3% of your income before claiming the Medical Expense Tax credit. With an HSA, dollar one is tax free!

Consider your health and dental care costs. A business owner earning $65,000 a year with $5,000 in out-of-pocket medical costs can reduce personal taxes almost $2,000 by using a 100% tax deductible HSA

Just think about it - companies with private health coverage for their employees pay, on average, 30% MORE than those with HSAs! (Health Savings Accounts)

That's because HSAs are 100% tax deductible, so the money used for healthcare spending is pre-taxed money

  • No Start Up Fees or Hidden Costs

  • Low Admin Fees Lowest administration fees in the industry

  • No Limits on Eligible expenses

  • Web based Simplified Claims Process-Fast low fee turnaround

  • Easy Online Access to view claims and balances

  • No Exclusions-you can claim for all CRA approved services

  • Carry Forward unused Dollars

We've also said it before and will scream it off the rooftop again and again (okay maybe we won't actually scream it).... HSAs are also more flexible and personal than regular insurance, and will save the company AND employees money in the long run. 

The beauty is, HSAs are great as a standalone benefit but are also just as great as a complementary benefit when combined with a regular benefit plan.

What's Covered in an HSA?

Orthodontics, Elderly care, Massage therapy, Laser eye therapy, Fertility treatments

Naturopath Services,  Dietitian Services, Special Needs Care …and lots more!

In fact you can deduct over 500 medical expenses through an HSA plan allowed by CRA


•Emergency out of province travel –$3 for single, $5 for family coverage per month

•Excess Medical coverage –$10 for single, $20 for family coverage per month

•…or both…ask us for more info!


What are the benefits of an HSA?

HSA coverage is broader and more flexible than a traditional benefits Plan.

That means there's not as many restrictions (yay!). So, a traditional plan generally has a limit on expenses - for example, only 80% of Dental Services would be reimbursed, up to a maximum dollar amount in a set time period, or only $50.00 is reimbursable per Massage visit. However, with an HSA, there's no set percentage of coverage or dollar limit for certain services. There's also no deductibles that need to be reached before eligible expenses are reimbursed! The only limit to the amount reimbursable for eligible expenses is the amount of funds available in the HSA.

An HSA is also an awesome complement to existing coverage to reduce out of pocket costs for medical expenses!

If someone is also partially covered by another Plan, they can claim amounts not reimbursed by that Plan through their HSA - so, they're getting full reimbursement of eligible expenses! 

There's also great tax benefits with an HSA. Personally, every dollar is tax free to the Member. As a corporation, a company can deduct the contributions and fees related to the HSA as a business expense.

If a person were to pay for health expenses outside of an HSA, it means they'd have to file for such expenses on their tax return. Using the CRA's Medical Expense Tax Credit (METC) requires that a family reaches a certain (rather high!) healthcare expense spending threshold before the credit can be used. 

Additionally, we ensure that all submitted expenses meet CRA eligibility criteria, preventing any possible future tax implications. Keep in mind, we're not tax professionals, and therefore can't give tax advice, so if you have any tax related questions, definitely get in touch with a tax professional! 


How Do HSAs Work?

It's really simple!

The Plan Sponsor (company) makes regular contributions on behalf of one or more of the employees, and these contributions go into Member Health Spending Accounts.

We as the trustees then hold onto the funds in legal trust on behalf of the Members, who can use available funds toward the reimbursement of eligible medical expenses.

Our awesome Claims Experts process and adjudicate claims quickly and thoroughly once received to ensure the funds are reimbursed to Members as quickly as possible.

Easy peasy, right?!


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We can show you how to save at least 30% using a HSA:

In some cases we can show you how to save up to 50% off what your currently paying your health provider.

We believe that employers should help employees stay healthy and financially fit. As part of this we encourage you to please take advantage of our online comparative group benefits and group insurance quotes.

Keep your business fit and healthy:

  • Education on optimal plan designs for your particular business

  • Quotes for the top 3 Group Health and Life benefits plans 

  • Expert support for Group benefits plan design

  • Evaluate your current group benefits plans

  • Understand your options for Group Retirement Plans if you are leaving your employer or just left your employer

  • Understand how to convert your health, dental, life insurance, disability and critical illness group plans into personal plans if you are retiring or leaving your employer

  • Considering retirement let us walk you through your options, services and products that may be appropriate

Group Benefits Includes:

Group Pension Plans include defined benefits and defined contribution plans offered by

Canada’s largest pension plan providers.

  • Group RRSP’s 

  • Group TFSA’s

  • Group DPSP’s deferred profit sharing plans 

  • IPP’s Individual personal pension plans for business owners 

Provide tax efficient Health and Life employee benefits:

  • Group Short Term Disability Insurance

  • Group Critical Insurance 

  • Group Life Insurance 

  • Dental 

  • Vision

  • Medical and Hospital

  • Drugs

  • Psychological and Paramedical

  • Do you currently have Group Insurance

  • Or Group benefits plans

  • Name of current Insurance Company

  • Number of employees

  • Renewal Date

  • Name, Phone number and email contact details of main decision maker (s)

Title Group Benefits | Group Health Insurance

Description The secret to happier and more productive employees? Just think about it - companies with private health coverage for their employees pay, on average, 30% MORE than those with HSAs!


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