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 Life Insurance Calculator

How much life insurance do I need?

Save 50% off your term life insurance purchase

Try some of these simple ways to calculate how much insurance you need to buy?

How to calculate how much life insurance coverage you need:

  • Insure your current debts (mortgage, loans, credit cards)

  • Insure future anticipated debts and financial obligations

  • Insure future income for a number of years (7 yo 10 years x your current annual income

  • Insure future educational costs (estimate of $100,000 per child)

  • Insure your final funeral expenses $15,000

We recommend that you insure your current debts as a minimum. If your budget allows then include additional coverage for future debts and income replacement

All insurance agents and brokers are required to offer you an insurance needs analysis.  You can decline this complimentary service

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