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Save thousands with the right morgage!

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Understand why life insurance is important. Term or Whole Life anyone?

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Learn how to save more

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Invest Invest

Learn how to achieve 8% to 20% returns

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Retirement Retirement Services

Retirement Mortgage, Investment & Insurance Services

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Become debt free by consolidating learn how.

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Financial Education and Free Calculators

Find the best Life Insurance, Mortgages, and Investments

Save money on Life Insurance, Mortgages and Fee Free Investments

Helping your and your family work through life's challenges

Financial strategies to pay off debts,

Retirement Strategies that minimize taxes

Save money on group and personal health and benefit plans

Tax efficient ways to grow, protect and transfer your wealth

Get better Investment Returns

Unbiased education and advice shared with integrity and trust

We share the really cool high value strategies in person



Education to make informed decisions:

  1. Access financial services and products reserved for only the wealthy
  2. Save and invest more while getting 8% to 20% returns through private lending
  3. Increase your income completely tax free
  4. Defer or reduce or eliminate income tax now and during retirement
  5. Protect your family now and in the future
  6. We help you by continually researching financial services, products and investments?
  7. Our tax, legal and accounting specialists help you work through the ever changing regulations?
  8. In 2 out 3 cases we can show you ways to save more money, typically $100,000 to $400,000 over 40 years
  9. We are product and company independent, and provide unbiased advice to help you select the best products and services - not always the cheapest
  10. Educating and empowering you and your family is great reason to get out of bed every day (plus its fun)



  1. Financial Education and Coaching
  2. Data Collection and Needs Analysis
  3. Risk assessments to determine if you can sleep at night?
  4. Retirement Income Program (Retirement Mortgage Services,  Insurance for Retirees, Retirement Income and Investment Plans)
  5. Wealth Creation and Management Program (or Money Management Program)
  6. Disclosure and transparent fee models; advisory fees, asset management fees, embedded fees, commissions and hybrid fees
  7. Debt Consolidation
  8. We independently source your Life Insurance, Mortgage, Investments 
  9. Money Coach Newsletter© and Fee based Personal Financial Coaching
  10. Calculate your number©. Our proprietary Bench-marking process that saves you money
  11. Teach you how to do your your own cost benefit comparisons calculations to make those hard decisions easier
  12. Find out if you're getting enough value for your financial services and products



We have 35 years of expert knowledge and experience helping the Ontario Region with mortgage matters. We have programs for: Businesses, Self Employed, Investment Properties, Vacation homes, Debt Consolidation, Renovation Financing, Private Investors, Second Mortgages, Bruised Credit & Lender Repairs, and 100% financing. Some thing for everyone.

You may be surprised at all the new and different terms and lenders conditions since our Governments decided to make many significant changes

What should you do? Shop for the lowest rates or best mortgage contract terms and conditions?

Sometimes those lowest online rates are not what they seem. Talk to one of our mortgage specialists if you are looking for a mortgage.

Instantly calculate your mortgage savings:


Apply for a Mortgage Mortgage Application

Mortgage Qualifier.  How much can I afford?  Try the mortgage payment calculator.

Mortgage Payment Calculator. Generate what if amortisation schedules to see how much interest and time to pay your mortgage off? 

Mortgage Payoff calculator.  How much interest can you save by increasing your mortgage payment?

Compare Mortgages?  Pick the mortgage that works best for you? Which saves more $$$ fixed or variable rates?

Should I Refinance?  Calculate how much interest you can save if you refinance your mortgage?

Accelerated Debt Payoff?  How to consolidate your debts and pay them off faster?

Rent vs Buy? Should you rent of buy your home consider fees, taxes and monthly payments?

Check out our mortgage website.


CMHC Mortgage Calculators

CMHC Mortgage Payment Calculator

Try the CMHC Mortgage calculator to knowing the options you have for prepaying loan capital down or accelerating your mortgage payment will help you to plan ahead to reduce your mortgage faster. 

CMHC Mortgage Calculator

Knowing how much of a mortgage you can afford could help you find the right home in the right place. Try the Mortgage Affordability Calculator to determine how much house and mortgage you can afford.

CMHC Household Budget Calculator

Managing your cash flow is an important part of owning a home

CMHC Loan Premium Calculator for Mortgage Default Insurance

Calculate the CMHC fee's, insurance amounts, or mortgage insurance premiums using the Loan Premium Calculator.




We can help you determine how much and what type of insurance you need

Run your own insurance quotes and comparisons

  • Whole Life Insurance has a number of tax saving features that could save you or your estate a bundle
  • Term Life Insurance is temporary and provides a lumps sum to pay off debts or replace income
  • Disability Insurance protects your most important resource-your ability to earn an income
  • Critical Illness Insurance protects your health-your time to recover from life threatening illnesses
  • Long Term Care Insurance pays for your care when you need the help
  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance 


How to save more money? How to fix debts?

  • Self Directed Retirement and Investment Accounts
  • Which is best paying off student loans and debts OR saving and investing?
  • Should you contribute to your RRSP or TFSA, pay down your mortgage or pay down your debts? 
  • Debt consolidation
  • Tax Free Savings Accounts TFSA'S
  • Registered Retirement Savings Accounts RRSP's
  • Registered Education Savings Plans RESP'S
  • Health Spending Accounts that save you a bundle
  • Group RRSP'S, Group TFSA's, Group Pension Plans
  • IPP'S Individual Pension Plans


How to manage risk and get better investment returns?

Learn how to invest like the wealthy using self directed accounts?

Understanding investing when the media is always full of noise?

Which types of investments are right for you?

  • Investment coaching, selection and asset allocation models
  • Understand your risk and capacity for risk when the markets tank 
  • Self Directed Investments and Accounts
  • Private Lending for Investors 8% to 20% interest paid monthly
  • Private Wealth Management (Stock and Bonds portfolios) fees .5% to 1.5%
  • Private Wealth Management (Segrated Investment Fund portfolios) fees 1.5% to 2.5%
  • Automated ETF investment portfolios-fees .5% to 1.5%
  • How to provide Income for Life
  • How to manage risk at different stages of life
  • Understanding Annuities, Segregated Funds, Guaranteed Minimum Withdrawal Benefits (MWB's) and Guaranteed Income Funds (GIF's)
  • Understand ways to guarantee your capital and pay no income tax



Retirement Challenges-7 Challenges you will face during your retirement

How to have more money in retirement and make it last ?

How to pay less tax in retirement? (Maybe)

  • How much you really need for retirement?
  • Retirement Calculators
  • Are you ready to retire? Can you retire now?
  • Should I take my CPP now, when I retire or take it later?
  • Understand the new way to plan for retirement using the LSRR - Life Style Replacement Ratio©
  • How to manage risk during retirement?
  • Understand how to manage your investments and money during retirement
  • How to reduce taxable income during retirement?
  • How to pay less tax (for most people)?
  • How to pay less estate tax when you die?
  • Estate and trust designs by our trusty lawyers
  • Navigating pensions, RRSP's, TFSA's, government benefits and estates
  • Retirement income planning

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